First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

Deciding you want to buy your 1st home!

Starting the home buying process is easier than you think!  It’s like anything else in life, the first step is the hardest, so we congratulate you for making it to our website to learn more!  You may have heard it called the “American Dream” to buy a home.  Maybe a family member or friend asked you why you keep throwing your money away and renting.  You may just be tired of asking landlords permission to modify their property.  On average, our clients save $200 every month for the same size home owning it verse renting it.

The first step, is getting pre-qualified.  You will need to know how much your mortgage payments will be.  You want to be sure you are comfortable paying that amount every month, so you’re not what you may have heard referred to as ‘house poor’.  That’s where a lender’s role comes into play, they will help you identify what you can afford.  You can tell a lender your rent is this much every month, how much house would that buy me?

As a first time home buyer, you need a loan officer who can walk you through all options to decide which is best for you. There are a lot of first time home buyer programs available.  One of the most popular is the Bond Program which can be combined with conventional or FHA loans.  You are required to take a first time home buyer course and then you can take advantage of the down payment assistance.  You will have to qualify as there are different income limits in each county.

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Feel at ease purchasing through Tribute Realty as our trained REALTORS® will walk you through the entire process and explain all the steps at your FREE buyer consultation!

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