New Home Construction

Building Your Dream Home...Exactly How You Want It!

New Construction

When it comes to brand new construction, whether you want to buy the land to build your dream home in the future or today, let our Tribute Agents guide you through the process.  Here’s a helpful guide to your 10 Step process to build a new home…

  1. Meet your favorite Tribute Realty Realtor® for a buyer consultation
    1. Figure out Location
      1. Neighborhood or (no HOA) area of town you want to build in
    2. Initial thoughts on criteria and must have’s
    3. Discuss financing lending options, if you don’t already have that in place.
  2. Start touring New Home Construction homes to get an idea of layouts you like with your Tribute Realtor®
  3. Builder Interviews
    1. We have a list of all builders in town.  We will discuss your favorite one(s) and schedule meetings for us all to meet and decide who you feel most confident will build your new dream home best.
  4. Loan Application
  5. Lot selection
    1. Due Diligence period checking water, septic place
  6. Contract to Purchase
    1. Finalize design plans
  7. Design Center Appointment
    1. This is the fun part…picking cabinets, counter tops, handles/knobs, colors, flooring, etc.
  8. Orientation
  9. Closing
  10. Move In
    1. Most builders offer a warranty as well.

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