We donate to your choice church, school or non-profit organization every sale transaction!

"Making the world a better place...one home at a time!"

Philanthropy Beneficiaries

It doesn’t matter if you are on the buying or selling side of the transaction, every customer selects an organization and we donate back on your behalf!

No worries if you don’t have a favorite, or can’t decide between two, we select one organization every year to raise funds for. 100% of our proceeds for all events for that year, get donated back to them.

We want to hear about your favorite church, school or non-profit organization…please submit a form that tells us about your favorite one!

(No one else will get your number or try and sell you a car warranty.  This is an internal form only seen by Tribute Realty!)

Tribute Realty’s annual fundraising efforts have benefited the following organizations

(one year terms or longer)…